Capturing stories, building connections

About Us

Capturing stories, building connections

At Moving Stories Media, we know that everyone has a good story–that everyone’s story is special. But too many of these stories get lost because they’re never recorded. Our mission is to help people and families and organizations capture their stories and legacies on film.

We at Moving Stories Media are skilled listeners, interviewers, videographers and storytellers. We will work with you from the conception of your project through to its completion.

Projects range from a simple DVD montage of your family photos set to music to a polished film on DVD including interviews, photos and old family movie footage, accompanied by music you love–and including a private webpage that you control.

We’ll work with you by:

  • Meeting with you and learning your goals for the project;
  • Developing a list of stories and discussion topics to cover during interviews;
  • Conducting on-camera interviews with you and whomever else you may want;
  • Working with you to choose family photos and favorite music to be used;
  • Transferring old family movie footage to DVD;
  • Preparing a script or otherwise write your story or vital parts of it;
  • Creating and hosting a website through which you can continue to add to your story and make it available for any family members and friends you wish.

And we will do this all in a way that fits your budget.

Connecting Families

Charlie B’s kids wanted to hear their Dad talk about something he’d never talked much about–his experiences as a navigator on a B-17 bomber in World War II. So they hired Bill to interview their Dad on film and record his stories–hopefully including his experiences in WWII. But one of the kids, Charlie’s oldest son, didn’t think his Dad would participate, much less talk about WWII. Well, Charlie did participate–as did 10 of his friends–and he did talk about his experiences in WWII. And his oldest son? He ended up doing the voice-over for the 80-minute film that resulted.

Connecting Organizations

Organizational leaders are often too busy working to step back and tell the stories of all they and their organizations have accomplished. We will change that by interviewing you and your key leaders, as well as the people whose lives you’ve helped change for the better. We will capture not only your vision and values but also the solid results of your commitment. And the project we create together will move your organization forward by communicating who you are and the good you do to members, clients and potential funders.
At Moving Stories Media, we don’t just tape interviews and assemble facts; we take the time to work with you to craft your story in a compelling way that you will enjoy and people will remember.

Because everyone’s story is special.