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At Moving Stories Media, we believe everyone has a good story. But too many of these stories get lost because they’re never recorded. Our mission is to help people and families and organizations capture their stories and legacies on film.

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View sample videos of our work for families and organizations. We take the time to work with you to craft your story in a compelling way that you will enjoy and people will remember.

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"Through years of experience in journalism and documentary-making, we at Moving Stories Media know the deep value of telling and preserving people's stories. It's a simple truth: Too many of our stories disappear because we do not record them. Our mission is to help families and organizations capture their legacy in ways that best reflect their personality, priorities and culture."

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Bill's Journalism

Apr 14, 2015

Atomos Shogun Review/Dad’s Work as Civil Rights Reporter

Here's a review of the terrific Atomos Shogun external monitor/recorder, as well as a story about my late my Dad's pioneering work as a civil rights reporter in the 1960s in Dayton, Ohio, and Chicago--including a powerful photo of Dad interviewing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dec 2, 2011

The Extraordinary Bishop Sisters

Nancy Bishop Langert was the youngest of the three Bishop sisters. On April 7, 1990, she...

Oct 24, 2011

Renaldo Hudson and Death Row

From birth to age 18, when he mercilessly killed an elderly man he knew, Renaldo...